Update Forty-Four

Hello everyone!

Well once again it’s been a LONG time since my last update and quite a bit has happened. Sometimes I am a list person because it’s the only way to organize a lot of events in my head. So here’s my list… Since my last update:

  • I was able to be in my roommate Linsey’s wedding (wig and all) and celebrate with her the start of a new adventure…marriage:) Yahoo! I also moved in with another incredible roommate just down the road. How do I keep getting blessed with so many fantastic people in my life??!!
  • I vacationed with my family in Hawaii, feeling healthy, full of energy and excited about lots of new hair growth. I also had the opportunity to share my story at Kaui Christian Fellowship for a women’s worship night. What an honor! It was such a treat meeting so many of the women that have been praying for me and encouraging me from across the ocean! Thank you ladies!
  • I went in for my second post-radiation MRI upon returning home from Hawaii and (after a little disc/date mix-up) finally got the results.  No SIGNS OF TUMOR REGROWTH! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! I’m free of cancer concerns for another 3 months! We were also able to ask a lot of questions and talk through lots of issues that had been rolling around in our brains for a while (well maybe “sloshing” in mine;). It was a very helpful visit.
  • I had the honor and privilege to speak at my home church (and have the pee scared out of me!) to a group of 400 women for a women’s event titled Delight in your Journey. This was most definitely totally and completely out of my comfort zone but all the more reason to give God all the glory. Right?! NOTHING about that talk came from any strength of my own. I know I am called to share my story in whatever form it may take, so I knew when I was asked to do this that my answer had to be yes – even though the thought of it, quite literally made me want to wet my pants :) God is faithful though and the women were SO warm and receptive, they even laughed with me when I shared  about my tingly buns on overdrive – my buns tingle when I get nervous – there, now you all know. If you ever see me sharing to a group of more than 5, you can pretty much guarantee that the buns are a’tingling :) Thank you to all you women who have come up to me to share how little parts of my story impacted you in different ways. THAT’S what makes this all worth it. THAT’S what makes sharing more than just obedience… it becomes a JOY:) So thank you. God totally rocks doesn’t He! By the way, the talk is now posted on line at http://www.ajesuschurch.org/teachings_topic.php?tid=550&c=3 if you are curious at all;)
  • work is still getting sorted out, with CE classes to renew my massage license and trying to figure out where my new passions are leading me. I know God has great things in store.
  • my hair is SO growing back! I’m actually due for my second haircut! (well.. trim I guess:). The spot over my right ear is more just thin now, but not at all bald. There are two funny things about my new hair:
    • it grows into a mohawk. Seriously, I wake up with one, and towel dry my hair into one. I have no choice but to embrace it:) Never would I have imagined myself with a baby mohawk, but here I am. And actually, I think it’s pretty fun… for now at least;) I just love hair!!!!!
    • it’s totally coming in curly!  Yes I have mixed, half straight and half-curly hair. Wow, this is going to be interesting. But once again… hair is hair… and I LOVE HAIR! Curly straight, red or blue… I have hair covering my scalp and I LOVE it!

Once again I just want to say thank you for all your prayers, even though lately my updates have been few and far between. I’ll also try to get some recent pictures up. You are all very close to my heart and the fact that you keep checking up on me, thrills my soul. I am so blessed. Have an amazing day!

Love to You!

P.S. If you would like to contact me personally I would love to hear from you! You can find my email address under the Contact heading on this webpage. If you see me at church, I would love to meet you, PLEASE introduce yourself:)