Update Seventy-Five

Hi it’s me Christina. Ahhh so good to be back at the keyboard again, even with eyes that are trying to pick a fight with me:) Spell check and proofreaders are my lifesavers! So sorry about the long silence. It’s been quite the time since returning to Port Angeles. As my mom mentioned in the last update my grandmother passed away last Tuesday. Time with her was beautiful and peaceful just before she died. I am so thankful for that time.

A little surprise when I returned to my parents house that night was that due to their brand new carpet and the OVERPOWERING smell (with my ridiculously sensitive nose since surgery), there was NO way I could stay there. So off I went to yet another house of some very amazing friends. It was comfortable, peaceful and perfect for resting. Yay:)

Friday was an interesting day. I was visiting home for lunch looking out my parent’s window with my aunt Loralee at a beeeeautiful rainbow over the water, and then in a risky pivot maneuver, I turned to sit on the couch. I heard a pop; a searing pain shot through my knee, and then heard another POP! I just sat there dazed and cringing. Am I now headed into knee surgery?? Really??!!!  After a few “are you serious????” tears, an icepack, and a bite of pizza, we made the short trip to the ER to assess the situation. The good news — I’ve TOTALLY met my deductible already for 2011. Take THAT ER visit!  Ha.  As it turns out, I dislocated my kneecap (cheering because it wasn’t the ACL!), and along with icing/elevating my leg for the next couple days, I will have to “take it easy” for the next several weeks. We laughed. Besides now having to wear a knee brace the size of Texas (ok close enough), my life really doesn’t need much adjusting. Nice.

That night I’m laying in bed thinking wow, gotta lay off the desserts. My big bowl of ice cream really wasn’t feeling so good in my stomach. About an hour later with it only getting worse, I suddenly knew. RUN to the bathroom Christina! I threw off the covers, flung my icepack from my knee and sprint-hobbled to the bathroom. The rest of the night continued with getting up every 10-20ish minutes to deliver many-a-content to my porcelain friend. I must say, I went back and forth between crying and laughing (maybe once) at myself as I attempted to get myself down to the floor, up on the pot, down to the floor, and to bed again without bending that blasted knee! Let’s just say the rest of the night was one that I thought would never end. EVER. I wondered if it was possible to die from stomach flu on the bathroom floor. A shriveled pile of Christina, with a leg sticking straight out of course:)

I know it’s silly to compare the agony of that night to what I’ve just been through. Definitely had a night of throwing up in the ICU – (bless you Stacy). But I guess with losing a whole night sleep, in an already fatigued body trying to heal, with no reserves… it was really more than I thought I could possibly take.

But I did. I’m alive:) Shriveled a little, but replenishing bit by bit. Three days later I’m still mostly wanting to sleep and the stomach doesn’t seem to like more than a few sips or bites at a time… but am so thankful to be improving every day. Thank you Jesus for immune systems… even with not much to work on:)

I have been learning LOTS in the areas of surrender. LOTS… and still processing. I’m going to have save it for the next update because 1)it’s way past my bedtime, 2) between brains and eyes… this is has become a bit of a slower process. I am anxious to write though! Thoughts are flowing; heart’s stirring. We shall talk soon.

Love to you all. I don’t have words to thank you for all your prayers and encouragements through this time. I wish you knew how much it all has meant to me. Many times as they were read to me and my head was spinning in pain, all I could do was just cry. The good kind:) It’s so good to not feel alone. It’s so good to be surrounded by those that lift us up to the only true Comforter.  You my friends have been God’s gift to me.

Big Huge Hug (don’t worry, not contagious anymore)

15 thoughts on “Update Seventy-Five

  1. Ahhh….so glad it’s the knee cap…wow!  A whole new concept of "coming before the throne"!!!!

    Ok.  Love you.  Get well.  I would hug you in person even if you were contageous.


  2. So sorry you have had sooo much to deal with. Thank goodness that God knows how much we can handle. May God’s grace be sufficient for you each day, no matter what you are facing. He is faithful to get us through anything! As always, praying for you every day! Love you!

  3. Oh Teeeeeeennnnuuuuhhhhhh!  Still a sense of humor even with all the yuck! I love you, silly girl and am anxious to hear what’s going on in your heart…. no pressure, take it slow.  
    Love and squeezes, Kim

  4. Oh Christina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My goodness!  Sorry to hear about the knee – and the flu bug!!!  Dang!!!!  But, I do love when you write…..you’re beautiful heart is revealed.  Love you!  – Susan S

  5. I love the joy in you!!
    I love running into people everywhere who tell me how much they have been praying & I know you have been carried on those prayers again-even more than last time!
    Jesus has been asking a lot of you because He is accomplishing great things in you, through you and for your work.  He has been growing something in you that a healer ( via massage, compassion & prayer) can only develop thru great personal suffering. It is a cost you agreed to in courageous surrender & many have & will benefit. His Glory is radiant -you are making Him visible.
    He told me your new name, :) or maybe it is the definition & He will tell you the nickname – you are His "winnowed and threshed one"   it is an endearing term for those who He has taken thru the suffering process needed for a wheat kernel to become useful ‘fruit’  accessible to bless & build up.  
    Proud of you!

  6. Christina, you make me smile, not only with your sense of humor but with your genuine joy and deep faith. And so great to see that you are able to write an update! yay for that! A mom in my class told me just today that her son prays for you every night. It warms my heart to know so many people are praying for my Christina…especially when it is prayers from a 6 year old. I know God has a huge smile on His face as He looks down on you and sees how brightly you are shining for Him even amidst your pain. Love you forever!

  7. Just one thing after another…I do believe you and Job will have a good laugh someday! Glad you’re not puking anymore : ( and hope you’re able to get some meat back on those little bones. Praying for you always, and looking forward to giving you hugs :D

  8. jan,  two words;   hand extended. :)

    love you so.  very.  much.

    ps.  fabulous pics!  they always make me laugh, well most of the time :).

  9. Perhaps the knee cap injury was to re-channel your pain receptors lower. And then the flu bug? I think by the time I was hit with that, I would have been enveloped in self-pity–but  yet again you face things with your Christina-flavored humor, insight and head-on attack. Thanks for keeping us in your world with your journal–and I’ll be praying for your eyes, knee, and healing in all other areas too.

  10. Oh my goodness CHRISTINA !! I heard about the knee-but the stomach flu that night!!!  Oh how my heart goes out to you dear one. Thank you for always having an attitude and living a life that reflects God’s grace. You are amazing, and a true encouragement to me.

  11. So good to see your voice on the page again! My, what you’ve been through! And still smiling, I see. Not that there haven’t been many tears, as you’ve shared; but the JOY is so evident. Jesus is real in you, visible to the rest of us. Thank you, dear Christina, for being so vulnerable to us for in doing so you have inspired many. Your incredible story and walk of faith has circled the globe and left a blazing white trail of GLORY.

    I love Nancy’s post and the truth of it resonates in my soul. The beauty of a surrendered life, especially in suffering, is an amazing thing to behold. I love your writing, the pouring out of your soul, and look forward to the truths that you will share as you are Spirit led and able to do so.

    And so I continue to pray that you are able… able to… see well, write well, love well, be well.

  12. Hi Christina and everyone else.  I failed to post before (?) so I’m trying again.  I pray for you daily and wanted you to know that the picture with Loma is beautiful!  Glad she’s with Jesus.  Glad you are OK.  Love, Katy

  13. Wow – Christina – I just read through your updates and can’t believe all you have been through lately (and the last few years).  What a brave Christian soldier and what an inspiration you are to all of us.  So glad you have your wonderful Mom, so many great friends and family to help you through this hard time.  I will sure be praying for you.  (I’m one of Nancy’s friends from Kauai and got to meet you when you were there.)  There is so much good stuff in your updates and messages from friends.  I hope it is all made into a book some day!  Thank you for sharing with us.  Love to you beautiful girl.

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