Update Seventy-Four

Sorry, dear friends, for the silence.  Our little Christina is doing well.  After some of her worst days, she has definitely turned the corner.  On Tuesday, she had her staples removed and she is feeling free, more energetic, and, well, her humor is in full form.

After the staple removal, I (Jo Dee) was informed by my sisters that my mom was close to dying.  My hard working sisters and friend Katy had been caring for her for some time so this was not a surprise.  Christina told me that we needed to leave for Port Angeles RIGHT NOW.   Our good friends, Dave and Tammy and Kim, drove us home and we arrived two and a half hours before my sweet mother passed away.  All of her children arrived in time to say goodbye.  So, thank you all for your continued love and prayer.  God is good.  I love that He enabled Christina to be able to travel and He allowed us to be home in time.  Christina was able to hold her grandma’s hand and say goodbye. And now my mom is with Jesus.  Amazing.

16 thoughts on “Update Seventy-Four

  1. So glad you were able to make it in time to say goodbye! Sorry for your loss… But being with Jesus is a pretty great place to be! :) Amazing how the Lord is allowing things to happen at just the right time! Thrilled to hear Christina is feeling good! Love you Tina, see you when you return home…

  2. Oh my Dears.  Such sadness and joy all at once.  I’m thankful you were able to make it home in time.  A wonderful gift to you both.  Such a glorious thing to think of your mom being with Jesus.  How beautiful, in every sense, heaven will be.  I’m praying for you both daily.  My heart’s breaking as I think of what you are both experiencing.  Being both a mother and a daughter, I can’t imagine going through this with my sweet daughter and I can’t imagine not having my mom there if I were in your shoes Teeny.  I thank God for the love you have for each other.  It’s just beautiful ya know?  Love you both.  Terra

  3. Christina,   My heart goes out to you and your family on the loss of your grandmother and mother.  Isn’t it wonderful,
    though, that we have the assurance that you will one day be together again.  I pray that you are able to rest in Jesus’
    arms and let Him comfort you in this time of mourning and that He will ease your hearts.
      Christina, God loves to hear His people pray in one accord.  Have you any idea how many of your brothers and sisters
    are raising their hearts and prayers in one accord in your behalf?  I can’t help but believe this is a part of His reason
    for your journey.  And I wonder how many, learning of you and your struggles and your beautiful faith, have come to
    want that faith and assurance for themselves.  I have  no doubt but that one day you will realize how wonderfully God
    has used you because you are so willing and eager to yield yourself totally to Him.  You are an inspiration for us all.
      You are in my prayers for all of your needs.  He knows them so much better than I, and I continue to pray that His will
    be done through you.  I love you, my Sister

  4. I continue to pray for the beautiful Ahmann family.  2011 has been a very rough go so far, yet you all persist with unwavering faith and hope in the Lord.  I am sorry to hear of your mother’s passing JoDee, but also rejoicing with you that she is with her Savior.  Christina, so glad you are feeling better!!!  Love to you all.


  5. I love you Ahmann’s with all my heart. You refresh me every day I read about you, or spot a post from one of your family on my facebook wall. It takes me back 25 years, to when I was in the bosom of that love. I haven’t had a perfect life, since leaving your home, but my life was enriched by the presence of your love in my life. I am sorry to hear of any suffering in your lives, but I am convinced, that God is present with you, no matter what you are enduring.
    Love forever, Michelle

  6. I am so sorry for your loss.  I will be praying for you all.  So thankful for God’s provision to be able to travel and so quickly.  Praise the Lord the staples were removed without any other issues and that enabled Tina to join you at home.

    I hope being home, although for a difficult reason, is peaceful and refreshing.

    Love you all!
    Still praying,

  7. Amazing Love!  How can it be?  That, Thou! My God!  Would’st die for ME!


  8. Dear ones, thinking of you and praying for you that in the midst of your loss (heaven’s gain!) you would know great peace and comfort. Thankful for the good news of Christina’s energy and lessening of pain. Mourning with you in the separation from your mom. What hope we have in Jesus!!!! Holding you in my heart and lifting you in my prayers.

  9. As I read your comments, I cried.  Your family continues to rely so firmly upon Christ and the love of one another allowing you to keep putting your faith in the next step to take. Even in the midst of what I consider overwhelming days.

    I am saddened and encouraged simultaneously. Losing your mom right now cannot be easy, but God allowing you all to be together is also amazing. May the healing continue, both in Christina and in the family as you recall the life of your precious mom.

    I remain in prayer today for all that Jesus has planned for you. Thank you for continuing to open your heart and invite me (and others) in. I am gaining much insight from your journey.

  10. Amazing love, indeed.  Warm, wonderful tears at this update. Thanks be to God for his goodness, His sweet, tenderness to bless you all with being together with Mrs. Loma…including Christina.  Prayers for your days of missing her.

    So grateful to hear that Christina’s pain has lessened.  love, kim

  11. So sorry for you Loss Jo Dee. How gracious is our Lord to have Christina feeling well enough to travel so that the two of you could get there in time to say goodbye. May the Lord continue to comfort you as decisions are made over the next few days. Christina, we are so happy that the staples are out and that you are feeling better. May you continue to heal and feel better with each passing hour. Praying always.

    Much Love,

    Wyatt, Steffi and David Webb

  12. I was very concerned with the "silence" but knew that God knew why it was there. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom, and yet I’m glad, too. Her time of failing was not toooo long, and now she’s healed. I know you’ll miss her, but we grieve with hope.

    I’m thrilled to hear about Christina’s progress! We have such an amazing Lord. And the extended family to help when you needed them most-He provides everything. I shake my head in amazement at His kindness in every detail.

    I love you whole bunches and continue to hold you all in prayer. ((Hugs))

  13. JoDee…the joy that i know you feel that your mom is now with Jesus is so humbling.  I feel sad for you for all these trails, though i know God is using it all and not waiting a bit…but my heart aches for you more than it rejoices that she is in Heaven.  Yes, I still have much that He is teaching me.  I’m grateful that you are one of those I’m learning from.  

    so much love to you.  you truly are one amazing woman.  :)

    And Christina….I MISS YOU!  So glad for other modes of communication.  Keep pressin’ into Him.  He is working miracles through you in so many ways.  :)  Love being your friend.  Thanks for not letting go way back then :).  He knew.  

    lots of love to the Ahmanns tonight, stacy

  14. Dear Ahmann Family,
    So sorry to hear about the home-going of such a special person in your life,but so thankful that you were able to see her before she went to be in the arms of Jesus.
    So pleased to hear that you are doing so much better, Christina. Prayers continue to be lifted to heaven for you. May God’s sustaining grace continue to be with you. Love you!

  15. Christina,
    Jesse and I were talking about you tonight and I want you to know that your example of courage and faith has been a great help to me in my own personal struggles over the last year.  I’m sure you have hard days and times of anger, frustration, and temptation to bitterness, but you choose not to make those your public face.  Instead you show your confidence in God’s grace and your thankfulness for the ways in which He has blessed you.  That example has been a great help to me and I can’t thank you enough for the ways in which your positive witness has shown me how to face a crisis with grace and courage.

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