Update Seventy-Three

To our Dear Friends—

You are loving well, you are praying well, and God is pouring His mercy on us.  Yesterday (Sunday) was Christina’s hardest day to this point.  She spent most of the day crying, hardly able to move because of pain, and despairing at the loss of some of her most basic visual skills.  We called for a prescription to help alleviate muscle spasms and by evening and an hour of massage she was beginning to relax.  We have learned not to presume what the next day will hold so we have been thrilled with today.  Christina slept very late and woke with mild pain instead of excruciating pain and has had a great day.  We took a walk in the sun, and she’s eaten well and laughed well.  As Tammy was leaving for the store, she asked if Christina wanted anything.  Christina’s response was funny—“Pick me up a brain with no cancer, make sure all the vision parts are intact and working, and a head with no incision would be wonderful”.  Tammy didn’t find any of that at the store.

We had a wonderful visit from Pastor Mike and Jan Jones and Kim Mason.  We talked and prayed, laughed and cried.  It was a great time AND Kim stayed behind for a little extra visit.  What a beautiful surprise.

We press on—with much help from all of you.  Meals are still being brought in by Christina’s church.  Dave and Tammy continue to minister with presence and whatever help we need.  Peter and Steph Quint never stop helping.  Peter has been such a knowledgeable source of medical information and Steph helps with everything from prayer, to food to comfort items to cleaning.   She also puts up with our rotating “parties”.  This home is a beautiful place of peace and strength and rest.   I am still amazed at the abundant way God provides for us.  We even had a dear friend from Montana call and arrange to have dinner delivered on Thursday night (thanks Al)—above and beyond!!!!

My heart overflows with thanksgiving and I stand in faith saying, My Lord is risen and has given me everything I need to walk through this life.  He is present, He is powerful, He is compassionate, His kindness overflows, and His peace is abundant.  What more could I desire?


P.S.  We LOVED the video Emily.  We laughed and laughed.  What a gift of love.

P.P.S.  Christina said that she would like to get presents from Dave and Tammy, not just presence.  :)

P.P.P.S.  Dave is out right now buying nail polish to give Christina a pedicure.

16 thoughts on “Update Seventy-Three

  1. Still praying Christina!!! I am so excited every time another update comes up…it really helps me know how to pray for you! I am glad that you are having some good days in between the hard ones…and will continue praying that the hard days will be far and few between. Take care girl! Love ya!

  2. LOVE every part of this update;  the amazing people in the photos, good days, the people, the wonderful visitors (HI Pastor Mike, Kim and Jan!), the people, good walks with sun, the people, great supporting churches that make WONDERFUL meals, the people, the quints and hansens!!, comfy houses, the people, God’s AMAZING provision through all of the above,…and did I mention…the people?!  :)

    I"m so glad for a great day for you Christina and that you were able to sleep in and wake with mild pain.  Way to go….sleeping in!!!!!  It’s great to be in touch too.  Makes me miss you a TINNNNYYY bit less.

    Crazy roads we walk.  SO glad we walk it together.  
    ps.  YAY for dave being back.  gotta LOVE that you, dave, are going out getting nail polish.  Do you have any relatives around 35ish I can marry??  :)

  3. Oh how this email brought a smile to my face and made me laugh. However, i don’t like to miss out on the laughs. Christina, you are one funny girl. I’m pretty sure you get it from me though. I did teach you a lot of things growing up. I think telling jokes was one of them, among other things such as how to write "love notes" to our elementary school boyfriends, or how to jump in freezing cold water in the middle of December, or how to get tied to a tether ball pole at recess, or how to drink your orange juice in the morning with 2 ice cubes or how to embrace awkward moments. Okay okay I guess it was you who taught me those things.  You taught me a lot Christina. More than I think you realize. You have taught me what it means to completely trust God with your future, to wholeheartedly serve Him and live for Him, and to deeply and passionately love Him with your whole heart.  You are wise beyond your years Christina Ahmann and I am blessed to have you teach me so many things.  And you are still teaching me things! I mean, you are the first person I usually ask when I need advice! :) Always love your advice! I love you Tina and so wish I could have been there today. Well really I wish I could be there everyday. Keep going strong. Don’t give up! And keep on laughing.

  4. Love that Dave!…nail polish…i wanna know what color he picks out! My heart is SO glad to hear of a good, laughter-filled day. I love the picture of the body ministering, praying and surrounding you in various parts of the world. Intimate and real regardless of any miles or distance. You are each LOVED MUCH. Continuing to pray for the things you have mentioned.

    Hugs all around!


  5. Oh, so wonderful to hear that Christina had a  better day…and, what fun that Jan and Kim and Mike could visit!!  I would have sent hugs with them if I had known they were headed down to PDX :-)
    You are continually in our prayers…and, in our praises to our Gracious God.
    Since PDX is the "City of Roses", here is the Hymn of the day…
    "I go to the garden alone…" oxox

  6. Glad today was better and SO glad you got to spend time with Mike, Jan and Kim. I’m sure that was refreshing for all of you. I so wish I could take all the pain for you, but am blessed with how the Lord is shining through you even when you’re asleep or in pain. His grace never ceases to amaze me. (Hmmm-maybe I should write a song….)

    Hope the pedicure went well-hugs to all. Love you lots and praying for all of you, especially the pain and vision issues.


  7. So grateful for a good day! Friends and laughter make for good joy. So….is Dave giving the pedicure??? If so, we’ll be looking for the pics on the next update :-)!

    Continued prayers for all you ask and all that you don’t even realize you need. I’m heartbroken over all the pain, but rejoice with you for all the love that is being poured out. What a beautiful picture of the Body of Christ.
    Hold fast to hope and the knowledge that God never wastes anything! Never!
    Romans 8:26-28. "In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God. And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

    That’s you, dear ones! Sending much love.

  8. You know what I love about this update (and former updates)..is THE PEOPLE streaming through!  It recalls to me this is a one-another Life we’re intended to live–through pain and through joy.  And it also reminds me of one of my MOST favoritest (I know, not a word) pictures in scripture where Moses is exhausted in battle, sits down on a rock and Aaron and Hur hustle over–one on each side and raise his arms in the air so the battle can be won!  Love it.

    Bless you all.  Love and hugs all around.  We’re doing our part from here!

  9. My dear, my heart breaks to be so far away.  No good at all!  If I
    could, my gift to you would be a short visit home… doubt that’s
    God’s plan, but one never knows what He has in store! I miss you sweet friend.  My heart aches reading these updates and feeling so utterly helpless to do anything so I pray.  I am so grateful to serve the One True God who can actually do something!  I’m glad I don’t have to be nearby to make a difference, but still I wish it was possible.  I read
    Psalm 136 this morning and saw something really obvious but that
    struck me anew this morning.  It lists all the amazing things God did
    for Israel and each verse ends with "For His lovingkindness is
    everlasting".  The reason He did everything He did for them, over and
    over and over again was simply because He could do nothing less, His
    lovingkindness is everlasting and therefore He will ALWAYS bless us,
    provide for us, protect us, test us, love us and comfort us.  His
    lovingkindness towards us is everlasting, it won’t stop, it won’t
    fail, it won’t cease, better then won’t, it CAN’T, He cannot deny
    Himself, that’s just who He is.  I am sorry you are going through the
    pain that you are and that your eyes are not doing what they were
    created to do, but I know He hasn’t and won’t leave you and His
    lovingkindness won’t stop.  I was curious so I looked up the other
    versions of that verse and they read as follows: "His love never
    fails", "His steadfast love endures forever", "His faithful love
    endures forever", "His mercy endureth forever", "His mercy is
    unchanging forever".  You get the gist, basically, the God, whose
    everlasting arms are currently beneath you, lifting you up, will never
    fail you because His lovingkindness, His mercy, His faithful love
    endures forever.

    I love you dearly and pray on.

  10. Dear Christina,
    James heard that you had another surgery and so we wanted to write to say that we are thinking of you and wishing you the best.  I visited your website this morning and was awestruck at the incredible community of friends and family you have.  What an outpouring of love and support!  Even in the face of pain and struggle, it sounds like you’re being the same brave and funny Christina I loved in high school.  

    We hope you are feeling as well as possible.  We are thinking of you and your family and sending our love.

    Emily (& James Garlick

  11. Little sister, first reading about your struggle and pain broke my heart and put a gigantic lump in the throat; but the good news of a better day was a welcomed change!  Then, to top it of with a vision of Dave Hansen buying polish for you, my dear, …. oh, the laughter!  What a crazy guy who courageously, willingly forages on, hunting for that perfect pink nail color!  It is so sweet that you are loved so much, girlie!  As I know you are fully aware, God is lavishing His love on you through these visitors.  "In the morning, when I rise….in the morning, when I rise…oh, in the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus!"  May you have an even better day tomorrow!

    Love, Mark and Ginger Leffers

  12. Hello my beautiful sister! It’s another sunny day here in California and I’m sitting here on the porch with the roomies
    reading the latest of your updates….which have been changing our lives the way ;)  My wonderful roommates and bible
    study want you to know that they have you in their hearts and lift you up in prayer daily, your journey has been
    a blessing to them all.  Your testimony is a daily topic in our conversations, it’s the testimony we all want to live by and it’s
    an example of how Christ wants us to live this life. We all wish you could be here to spoil you like crazy and love on ya!!
    We love the heart you have for Christ!! There is NOTHING in your testimony that shines more than God’s own glory,
    your sisters here in California love you dearly and we are steadfastly praying for you and rejoicing in the beautiful life He has given you.  

    -Wendy and the Apt #418 Girls ;)

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