12 thoughts on “Update Fifty-one

  1. I love you Christina.  Thanks for sharing your heart.  You challenge me in my faith.  

    And I will try not to freak out strangers.

  2. Oh Christina–thanks for taking the time to share your life.  Thanks for flourishing in the hard places and thriving in the storm.  And–thanks for posting the 2 year in review pictures.  They make me smile and sigh.  You are a delight to my heart.

  3. christina… so crazy that our storms started together 2 years ago.  seems hard to imagine.  when i was crying out to Him…so were you.  when you were out walking that beach in the storm, i was too.  so crazy  to think that.  who wouldn’t have thought…we would meet in the middle, ok actually…port angeles.  ha!  thank you for sharing your heart, for all of your ponderings shared with us, for the questions and truths it brings up in my very own heart.  it’s been oh so good to continue this journey with you christina.  and though i wish that cancer never had any part of it…you have been a HUGE gift out of this who journey.  you are a young wise soul.  bless you friend as you continue to seek Him and live with all of your heart everyday.  i look forward to your days ahead…many good days to come.  keep me updated!  

    much love.

  4. Hi Christina,
    Thanks for your words. I agree that we must smile just because we breath and are alive TODAY! How often do we focus on "just getting through the day." Good reality check for me at work.

  5. Oh Stina, I do love you so much!  It is amazing how God uses you in such multi-faceted ways… Your heart comes beating off the page at all who read… Not only did you speak into my day today, but were a tool to encourage a friend with circumstances that left me speechless… but then I got to refer her to your page.  I love that you praise Him in the storm and that you LIVE it, and through Him you live well… I want to be like you, and like Tamela said, I will try not to scare strangers… :0)  oh… and thanks for the reminder of Isaiah 43.  Wew!  and Oo ra!
    your auntie j

  6. Christina,

    You and your very strong walk with the Lord continue to inspire and amaze.  Ever the optimist, by nature (Born through the Blood of Jesus) and spirit (Holy Spirit), you make me be less of a moody bear and more attuned to Jesus’ lead.  Everyone has storms but not everyone rides them out with grace.  Comparatively, my storms seem so much less; but, to my shame, I have not always had the victory which Christ freely gives.  You challenge the ongoing self-indulgences and put the battle in perspective.  Thank you, young friend!  Thank you and God Bless you!

  7. Christina,

    Your wisdom and insight come from seeking Him through the storms.  I praise Him for drawing you so close to Himself… and that He has seen fit to let us love you for many more days on this earth.  He has made you a blessing to so many.

    I love you!

  8. Christina,

    Wow! I hardly know you but the more I get to read about you, the more I’m moved to live more deeply.  The "storm" metaphor in relation to God is amazing and moving. Couple your story with the song I had on repeat last night, "Alive Again" by Matt Maher, and you have a grown man in tears with a smile. I am truly thankful and blessed that God has given me the opportunity to meet you and hear your story.  God is amazing!  Stay strong, keep smiling, and when you do get time, keep writing.  Thanks for sharing the story, thoughts, and deepest fears, as you might have been what God wanted me to see so that I may too one day write my story fearlessly.  :)  Life is good, God is awesome!


  9. Christina,
    Thanks you for sharing your heart. This was an encouragement to my soul !
    How soon we forget things on "thoses sunny days on the beach"
    In Him,
    Jenny Geer

  10. I can smell the crisp air of fall and hear the crunch of the leaves.

    You are alive and I am alive…today, right now, this moment.

    Can we let others see our struggles when we so desperately want them not to be touched by our pain.

    Christina Ahmann

    (my next three status updates- YOU are quotable my dear!  Thank you.)

  11. Christina,
    Thanks for sharing your insights…they are once again challenging and inspiring.  I love learning from you!  Praise our great God!  I am praying for strength and physical endurance for your class and work.  
    Linda B.

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