The Book

A note from the author, Christy Wilson.

I vividly remember that night in September.  I was sitting on the couch discussing money with my husband.  Our kids were in bed.  The house was quiet, until the phone rang.  “It’s JoDee Ahmann,” my husband said, handing me the phone.

That was a surprise.

After a quick formality, JoDee told me that my dear friend Christina would be having surgery to remove a tumor from her brain, that Friday!

Life as I knew it stopped for a little while.

Two years later, on one of our catch-up phone calls, Christina said to me, “You know Christy, a lot of people have been telling me that I should write out my story.”

I had already shared with Christina my love of writing.  I knew she was asking if I would write her story with, or for her.

I said ‘no.’

I said ‘no’ because I had witnessed Christina exude astonishing amounts of peace and joy through her cancer journey.  I, on the other hand, struggled to even be okay with my friend having brain cancer.  How could I accurately represent her amazing faith?

One year later, on Thanksgiving morning, I awoke early with pressing thoughts on my mind.  I was thinking about Moses and about Christina, two reluctant heroes facing down things most of us will never see up close.  But I was also thinking that we all have trials, struggles, sorrows that we must deal with in our lives; things that force us to either drop our faith, or deepen it.  And as we travel our individual paths of pain, sometimes the greatest source of encouragement can be to hear how someone else dealt with his or her own path of pain.

I nudged my husband, “Nathaniel, I think I need to write Christina’s story.”

So I did.

The Serpent and the Sparrow
 was a labor of love for my dear friend and an attempt to spread her story because of the greater tale that it tells…the tale of a great God keeping His promises, offering His peace and joy in times of trouble, and asking us to trust Him with our lives.

As Christina, Moses and I (and no doubt, you) know, God never promised any of us an easy life, a long life, a perfect life.  But He did promise that He would be with us, and that He would be enough.  Just ask Christina.

The Serpent and the Sparrow
 is available on  All proceeds go to Consider the Sparrow.