The Song

The story behind the song, by Andrea Davenport.

The song, You Consider Me was inspired by the faith of a precious woman, Christina. She furiously went into battle against an ugly reality and armed herself with a steadfast spirit, the passion for her relationship with the Lord and a whole-hearted desire to pursue him no matter the cost.

As a friend of this incredible woman/warrior, I honestly felt a little helpless. When you see someone you love struggle for their life, their future, their family/ friends and the hope of everything that is ahead of them, it’s hard to find the words that you feel would be worthy of their struggle. Whether they are words of understanding or words that will encourage/lift/inspire, they just seem…elusive.

Fortunately, we serve a very big God, with a big soft heart. In my weakness and clumsiness, He poured into me a song that needed to be heard. He provided the words that needed a voice and notes that simply needed an instrument.

With a lot of faith and a lot of prayer, the perfect combination of musicians, producers and friends fell together to create this song. A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of Tim Yagolnikov from Kye Kye. Tim provided the unique and powerful music and I was able to layer lyrics and melody on top of it. From there, the musicians fell into place; Chris Newbury (Christina’s cousin and my friend) on drums, Jesse Ahmann (Christina’s brother) on cello, Tim Downing on keys, Eric Macias on guitar, Chris Blair on backup vocals, the amazing Josh Miller from Sixteen Cities produced the track and Dan Hansen (Christina’s family friend) mixed/mastered it. Crossroads Productions in Vancouver, WA provided us an exceptional space to record with top of the line equipment.  By the time we were tying up the project in the studio, we started to piece together the mind-blowing realization that in some way, shape or form, almost every single one of us could be linked to Christina or Consider the Sparrow.

Now, You Consider Me can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Myspace Music, MediaNet, eMusic, Zune, Rhapsody, Nokia and VerveLife. Each and every cent of those purchased downloads will go directly to Consider the Sparrow.

When my own words escaped me, God provided. That is the power of our very big, very soft-hearted Savior.