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The Tee-nuh

“Desperate dependence on God is a great place to live--not easy--but full of life and power and peace.” Jo Dee

Da Tuma

“This floor of the hospital won’t know what hit them.” Dave

The Journey

“God is not surprised by all of this. He has known from the beginning what is in Christina's precious head.” Tammy

A Teeny Tiny Tina Christmas

Just hear those sleigh bells.... Sleigh rides, Settlers of Catan, Fun family festivities, & we even got to sleep in!

Winter 'n Friends

January + February Fun! Trips to Montana, old college friends, cousins, and more...

Hawaii Vacation

Aloha Kauai...Wild Birds, Sandy Beaches, Family, Friends....and a tan.

Wig Shots

The Winner :) Thanks to all of you who voted for the wig choices! Our winner hands down was Sleek ..... See below for some sleek shots!

Montana Days

Big Sky State - Montana Road Trip

Tina Hair

Here is a little photo journey of the many phases of my hair throughout this journey! So you think you have hair?!

Hooray! 2 years in review...

Highlights summer ‘07- summer ’09. Thank you for being a part of my journey!

Tumor Times Two

Second brain surgery, here we go! I remember the first one… (well, parts I was awake for) so vividly. The faces, the fears, the surrounding peace, the pain meds (YAY), the no latte the morning of surgery (BOO!) So here we are again.